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Can someone explain the Pai Gow that uses tiles?

I recently learned how to play Pai Gow and I looove it! I noticed a table next to me that said Pai Gow but they didn’t have cards, they had black tiles that looked kind of like dominos… How do you play and what is it called?

Question posted by: 2boys

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Published in Uncategorized @ 19 Nov 09

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One Response to “Can someone explain the Pai Gow that uses tiles?”

  1. closetcoon_fan Says:

    You play Pai Gow with tiles. This is the original game called Pai Gow. The more popular game in the U.S. is Pai Gow Poker. People still usually only say Pai Gow for short though, even though they are talking about the poker game.

    You start out by getting 4 tiles. Each one is marked with pips like dominoes. If the tile has 8 pips on it, then it is worth 8. Sound simple so far. Here’s where it gets tricky and is a little hard to explain without playing it, because there is some Chinese jargon involved.

    You still need to place both a high hand and a low hand just like in pai gow poker.

    First then you need to look for is pairs. You might think that pairs are tiles that are the same. This is not always the case. Go to this site and scroll down for a listing of pairs
    They are ranked in order of strength. So if you have a #3 ranked pair and the dealer has a #7 ranked pair then yours wins. There are no ties because there aren’t enough tiles for both of you to have the same pair. If you have looked for pairs and you have none then the game gets much simpler. The tiles add up the same as they would in Baccarat. So if you add two tiles up that are worth 5 and 7 then you have 12. That score in baccarat is 2 because you would drop off the tens digit. 9 is the highest value and 0 is the lowest. Arrange your tiles accordingly as to try and balance the high and low. It’s your option in how to arrange the tiles. The dealer is allowed to help you sort out the house way and show you if you have any pairs. There used to be a good trainer online that you could practice with examples, but I can’t find it anymore. The site also explains this game in a little more detail, but you have to understand the lingo and what is going on first to understand that site.

    I hope I was able to help. The game sounds really confusing but once you play a few hands, its not so bad.

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